The Arabic Program offers courses in the Arabic language, Arabic literature in translation, and the civilization of Islam. 

Many of these courses fulfill the college's LASAR requirements in the Humanities.

As the only Arabic program at CUNY, the Minor in Arabic can serve as an ideal addition to a student's major in History, Economics, Political Science, Anthropology, Linguistics, Comparative Literature or other disciplines. The minor consists of 12 credits in language courses beyond 102 and 6 credits in courses given in English relevant to the historical and cultural development of Islamic civilization or culture.

The Arabic Language Program stresses the reading and comprehension of Modern Standard Arabic. Students are introduced to graded modern reading selections in Arabic 102. In Arabic 203, students read short classical texts in addition to modern selections. From Arabic 204 on, students can choose to begin to study either classical or modern literature.

Courses in Translation

Courses in English introduce students to masterpieces of Arabic literature and to the historical and cultural development of the civilization of Islam.

Courses include:

MES 155. Sepharidic Literature 
in Translation

MES 160/HIST 117. History and 
Civlization of Islam

MES 190. Topics in Middle Eastern Culture 
and Literature in Translation

MES 200 VT. Topics in Cultural 
Interpretation & Intellectual History

MES 240. Images of the 
Middle East

MES 250. Literatures from the 
Islamic World

MES 255. Modern Arabic 
Literature in Translation

MES 260. Revival and Reform 
Movements in Islam

MES 300. Topics in 
Islamic Studies



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Robert Riggs

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