Writing Through Cultures.

The Department of Classical, Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Cultures offers an alternative, three-course program called Writing Through Cultures. This Program provides another way to satisfy four separate college requirements:

  • The College writing requirement (equivalent to English 120),
  • Humanities 1 Tier 1,
  • Humanities 1 Tier 2, and
  • Humanities III LASAR requirements.

Writing Through Cultures encourages students to study one area in depth - choosing from ancient and modern cultures from all over the world - while learning to hone and perfect critical thinking, research and writing skills.We realize students don't often have the chance to work with faculty over an extended period; however, Writing Through Culture gives students the opportunity to work closely with one or more of our faculty members over a three semester period. This way, students have the chance of seeing their work develop, rather than taking various requirements with different teachers in odd sequences.


To enroll in the Writing Through Cultures program, students must apply in advance to a department area adviser or to the department writing program coordinator and agree on a sequence of three courses in one area of the student's interest. These courses are taught in English and include a variety of offerings in each of the department's areas.

Typical sequences might be:

Oriental Studies 140, 220, 221;
Comparative Literature 220, 221; Chinese 240

Oriental Studies 140, 220, 221;
Comparative Literature 220, 221; Japanese 250

Classical Greece & Rome:
Classics 120, 130, 140, 150, 240, 250

Ancient Greek:
Classics 120, 140, 250

The Middle East:
Arabic 150, 160; Hebrew 150, 155

The Hebrew Tradition:
Hebrew 150, 155, 160

Modern Jewish Culture:
Yiddish 150, 161; Hebrew 150, 155

We expect to add more courses, including some making concentrations in Korean, the Islamic tradition, and Modern Israeli Culture possible. Sequences may include one advanced literature course in the language of the culture studied, but all writing must be done in English.

Students enrolled in the Writing Through Cultures program will receive special assignments and writing instruction in each of the courses - short assignments in the first and a major term paper in the third. Participation will be noted on a student's record, and upon completion of the third course, the Registrar will be notified that the LASAR and English skills requirements have been satisfied.

The program is open only to students who have completed or are exempt from English 110. The department may restrict admission to the program, and may limit the sequences offered on the basis of course availability. Students who do not complete the sequence will fulfill only the requirements which are satisfied by the courses they do complete, as listed in the College Bulletin.


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