College Preparatory Programs

Liaison Office for Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

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College Preparatory Programs in Queens College’s Delany Hall.

College Preparatory Programs

Since 1984, the Collaboration between Queens College and Townsend Harris High School has been a successful, thriving example of a secondary/higher education partnership; and, as of 1995, the opening of THHS on the QC campus has enhanced that relationship.  The Collaboration is administered by the Office of College Preparatory Programs.


Each year, College Preparatory Programs supports various collaborative projects – some have become annual “events” and some vary with interest, opportunity, and budget.


CPP also coordinates the “Bridge Year” program for Townsend Harris seniors, which includes a year-long team-taught Humanities Colloquium at the College and enrollment in QC electives.


We welcome all members of the college community to make inquiries and suggest projects.

College Preparatory Programs

Queens College

65-30  Kissena Blvd.  Delany Hall 213

Flushing, NY  11367

To contact us:

Phone: 718-997-3175

Fax: 718-997-3177


In cases of Inclement Weather:


Bridge Year students need to check the status of Both institutions:


Queens College


Townsend Harris High School


Please listen to broadcast news as well.


“I am writing to thank you… for helping me improve my writing and analytical skills.  I currently go to Syracuse University and am enrolled in a writing course very similar to our seminar course.  Although the courses are similar, my writing class is very intense and not as focused on helping the students master critical analysis and critical writing.  Many of the students seem to be intimidated and do not know how to approach the literature that is assigned… 

I, on the other hand, feel confident and am able to analyze these texts with the methods that I developed in your [Humanities] class.


I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for putting in the effort for each of your students in aiding us and essentially preparing us for college level writing.  I am very glad that Townsend provides the Bridge Year Program, because without it, I honestly would be lost in college and especially in my writing class.

Again, thank you for last year and all that you have taught me.”

~ Tague Mosoian, THHS ‘08

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