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GEAC Submissions 1 September 2010


Submission #165: 

EDUC 105: Education in Goblal Times: Radical to Conservative Agendasa

Department Contacts: 

Joel Spring (


Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Culture and Values (CV)


Context of Experience:  World Cultures (WC)


[Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOCX)]   [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOCX)]  


Submission #166: 

ITAL 250W: Italian Cinema. Reading Italy Through Film

Department Contacts: 

Eugenia Paulicelli (


Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Appreciating and Participating in the Arts (AP)


Context of Experience:  European Traditions (ET)


[Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOC)]   [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOC)]  


Minutes of GEAC Meeting
1 September 2010

J. Allen, P. Anderson, E. Fern
ández, K. Lord, A. Li, A. Morgado, L. Pozzan,  B. Simerka, J. Summerfield, C. Vickery, C. Winks.

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 12:20 in RZ  318. Minutes of meeting on May 12, 2010 were approved. Agenda for the meeting was approved.

Submissions Tabled:

Revised Submissions Approved:

New Submissions Approved:

Submissions Pending Revisions (Liaison):

Other Business


*While the course is appropriate for both Appreaciating and Participating in the Arts and Cultures and Values Areas of Knowledge, the committee felt that it would probably fit in more naturally as an AP course, rather than as a CV, as currently proposed. B. Simerka will communicate this to the proposers. Also, a PLAS statement should be included in the syllabus.
**The committee agreed that the syllabus should provide a more detailed description of the activities students are asked to engage in, in order to assess whether the course indeed promotes active inquiry. LIkewise, the committee suggests that a midterm exam be included in order to ensure whether the students are assimilating the materials.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
L. Pozzan, Recording Secretary