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ENGL 253: American Literature Survey I

Sian Silyn Roberts and Tom Frosch

(Submission #138)

Course Description

This course surveys American literature from colonial beginnings to the Civil War by examining a range of writing by women and men from various cultural, ethnic, and political traditions. Students read a broad selection of works – which may include spiritual autobiographies, travel narratives, slave narratives, poetry, short stories, sermons, political tracts, novels, and essays – to engage in important contemporary debates over slavery, colonialism, changing definitions of race, the emergence of nationalism, and the nature of citizenship.


Area of Knowledge and Inquiry: Reading Literature (RL)
Context of Experience: United States (US)
Extended Requirement: Not Applicable

Additional Course information

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: ENGL 165W or ENGL 170W or permission of department
Existing Course: Existing
Existing Course Number: ENGL 253
Course Anticipated to be offered: Every Semester
Other (if specified): 
Number of Sections: 5
Number of Seats: 25


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