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GEAC Submissions 03 March 2010

Submission #93:  DRAM 155: Theatrical Texts and Times
Department Contacts:  Barbara Waldinger and Charles Repole (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Appreciating and Participating in the Arts (AP)
  Context of Experience:  Not Applicable
  [Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOC)]   [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOC)]  

Submission #149:  PHYS 005: Physics and the Future
Department Contacts:  Azriel Genack and Alexander Lisyansky (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Natural Science (NS)
  Context of Experience:  World Cultures (WC)
  [Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (RTF)]   [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOC)]  

Submission #150:  FREN 045/045W: French Civilization
Department Contacts:  Sullivan Karen, Van Belle Greet and Attar Karina (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Culture and Values (CV)
  Context of Experience:  European Traditions (ET)
  [Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOC)]   [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOC)]  

Submission #153:  HSS 200: Social Sciences and Society
Department Contacts:  Kristin Celello (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Analyzing Social Structures (SS)
  Context of Experience:  European Traditions (ET)
  [Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOC)]   [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOC)]  

Submission #155:  SPAN 060: Hispanic Literatures in the United States
Department Contacts:  Barbara Simerka (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Reading Literature (RL)
  Context of Experience:  United States (US)
  [Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOC)]   [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOC)]  

Submission #158:  MNSc 113: Contemporary Issues in Science
Department Contacts:  Susan Croll (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Natural Science Lab (NS-L)
  Context of Experience:  Not Applicable
  [Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOC)]   [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOC)]  

Minutes of GEAC Meeting

03 March 2010


J. Allen, A. Li, J. Lidov, F. Peterman, L. Pozzan, A. Reichl, B. Simerka, J. Summerfield, C. Vickery, C. Winks (for L. Cook, on sabbatical)

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 in Razran 318. Minutes of meeting on February 3, 2010 were approved. Agenda for the meeting was approved.

Submissions Withdrawn:

Revised Submissions Approved:

New Submissions Approved:

Submissions Pending Revisions (Liaison):

Other Business

·         Updates on General Education Council Meeting from C. Vickery and J. Summerfield.

·         Updates on unapproved courses from Sociology, Music, Chemistry and Philosophy. C. Vickery has been in touch with the various departments to ensure that the proposals be modified in order to be sent out for review.

·         The membership renewal process was discussed: every other year GEAC membership conclude, and the committee makes recommendation for reappointment or replacement to UCC. This year C. Vickery’s, J. Allen’s  and L. Cook’s memberships are due.

·         The managing of retroactive approvals for existing courses that have been later approved by GEAC was discussed. The committee agreed that retroactive approval should be granted to courses approved between Fall 2009 and Fall 2010. GEAC will send a statement to UCC, which will then take this issue to the Academic Senate.

·         The committee discusses how to best handle changes to proposals that are already in the system (the current system allows proposers to make changes at any point, without notifying the committee). It was agreed that for now the best system is to encourage proposers to send a document with the changes they wish to be made to their existing submissions or to notify the committee when they make any changes to their submissions.


* The committee agrees that the syllabus should be revised and a paragraph explaining how the course satisfies the PLAS requirements added. Moreover, the course should only satisfy 1 context of experience (either ET or US) and not two.

**The committee agrees that the syllabus should be more detailed and include what skills students are going to learn in this course.

Respectfully submitted,

Lucia Pozzan, Recording secretary