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GEAC Submissions Approved 04 November 2009

Submission #127:  ITAST 100: Italian Americans: An Interpretation of a People
Department Contacts:  Fred Gardaphe (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Culture and Values (CV)
  Context of Experience:  United States (US)
  [Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOC)]  [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOC)]  

Submission #133:  ACE 015: Social Science Seminar I
Department Contacts:  Richard Adams (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Culture and Values (CV)
  Context of Experience:  European Traditions (ET)
  [Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOC)]  [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOC)]  

Submission #134:  ACE 016: Social Science Seminar II
Department Contacts:  Richard Adams (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Analyzing Social Structures (SS)
  Context of Experience:  Not Applicable
  [Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOC)]  [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOC)]  

Minutes of GEAC Meeting
04 Novemeber 2009


Joel Allen, Kevin Birth, Eva Fernández, Andrea Li, Ken Lord (for Joel Lidov), Lucia Pozzan, Chris Vickery.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:25 PM in Razran 318. Minutes of the meeting on October 7, 2009 were approved. Agenda for the meeting was approved.

Revised Submissions Approved:

 New Submissions Approved

Submissions Pending Revisions (Liaison):


*The area of knowledge for ACE 015, as proposed by the department, is Social Structures. The committee believes that the appropriate Area of Knowledge for the course is instead Culture and Values and was approved as such. An Analyzing Social Structures course introduces students to the methods and modes of analysis of a social scientific discipline whereas a Culture and Values course examines the values and ideas expressed through religion and other institution in a particular cultural tradition.  The reading list for ACE 015 contains many religious and political texts that express ideals and values in the Western tradition (e.g., the Bible, Augustine, and Cicero), rather than readings that introduce modes of social scientific analysis, hence the committee's recommendation of this course as a CV course.  (GEAC consulted  with ACE after the meeting, and ACE has approved it.)

**With respect to HIST 169, the committee requests that all courses with title ‘History and memory’ (i.e., HIST 166, HIST 168, HIST 169) include the context of experience (United States, World Cultures, European Traditions) in the title, in order to make it easier to differentiate among them. It was also suggested that Joel Allen takes on the role of liaison for this course, since Jeff Maskovsky is on sabbatical. Joel Allen agreed.

***The committee suggests that, in order for ARTH 260 to be approved, a clarification of how this course satisfies PLAS criteria should be added to the justification and the syllabus. Furthermore, the committee suggests that a clarification on how this course emphasizes its particular area of experience (i.e., European Traditions) be added. A concern was raised with respect to the fact that, although ARTH 101 and 102 are not requirements for this course, they are ‘recommended as preparation.’

Other Business


The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

L. Pozzan, Recording Secretary