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ARTH 256. Contemporary Art Practices.

Peggy Smyth

(Submission #86)

Course Description

Contemporary art (from World War II to the present) has tended to baffle the general viewing public, often seeming more alien than art of other, more distant times. Contemporary artists have tended to attack established artistic protocols and practices, and the established art-historical paradigms have, accordingly, had to give way to new historical and critical models to accommodate this work. This course introduces students to the range of contemporary art modalities in light of the socio-political context in which they arose or flourished, with a view to illuminating the ideas and ambitions embedded within this challenging, anti-traditional work. The course will address both the practices of the visual arts (style, genre, media, movements), and the multiple theoretical bases for justifying such practices -- a conmbination that will enlighten students not only about the art itself, but about the nature and function of art history, art criticism, and theory.


Area of Knowledge and Inquiry: Appreciating and Participating in the Arts (AP)
Context of Experience: Not Applicable
Extended Requirement: Not Applicable

Additional Course information

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: No prereq.; ARTH 001 or 102 recommended as preparation.
Existing Course: New
Existing Course Number: 
Course Anticipated to be offered: Every Semester
Other (if specified): one or more sections a term, depending on staff availability and student demand
Number of Sections: TBA
Number of Seats: 35-40


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