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GEAC Submissions Approved 07 October 2009

Submission #84:  DRAM 111: Introduction to Theatre Design
Department Contacts:  Harry Feiner, Charles Repole and Meghan Healey (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Appreciating and Participating in the Arts (AP)
  Context of Experience:  Not Applicable
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 Minutes of GEAC Meeting
07 October 2009


Kevin Birth, Lewis Cook, Eva Fernández, Joel Lidov, Mindy Miller, Lucia Pozzan, Barbara Simerka, Judith Summerfield, Chris Vickery.


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:25 PM in Razran 318. Minutes of meeting on September 2, 2009 were approved. Agenda for  meeting was approved.


Submissions Withdrawn:

·         FNES 140

·         FNES 147

·         FNES 151

Revised Submissions Approved:

 New Submissions Approved

Submissions Pending Revisions (Liaison):

·         HIST 169 (J. Maskovsky)

·         SOC 211 (K. Birth)

·         MEDST 143 (B. Simerka*)

·         MEDST 144 (B. Simerka*)

·         ARTH 260 (B. Simerka*)

·         MEDST 240 (K. Birth)


Other Business

·         A concern was raised about MUSIC 008, which was approved by GEAC with the title ‘The politics of Music’ and appears as such in the January 2009 Board of Trustees minutes, but appears as ‘Multiple descriptions’ (‘Music Performance in New York’ and ‘Muslim Music/Culture I’) in the CUNY online schedule of classes for Fall 2009.


·         * Barbara Simerka accepted to take the role of liaison for MEDST 143, MEDST 144, and ARTH 260 (from departing committee member D. Jones). Judith Summerfield and Eva Fernández informed the committee that they have been working with the Media Studies department on a new proposal and expressed their interest in being involved in the resolution of these outstanding proposals.


·         Eva Fernández reported on the number of Perspectives courses—sections and seats—offered at present. Actual enrollment data for Fall 2009 was reported. Concern was expressed about high enrollment in some W courses and the relative paucity of RL courses offered.


·         Eva Fernández also presented information on the flow of course proposals from GEAC through the Academic Senate to the Board of Trustees. Some inconsistencies were noted and it was suggested that Dean Savage be consulted regarding how (and in what format) information is being submitted from the Senate to the Board of Trustees through the Provost’s office.


·         The topic of common learning goals for Perspectives courses was discussed. Kevin Birth suggested to reach out to faculty from an Area of Knowledge category (either Social Science or Natural Science) to discuss common learning goals for Perspectives courses. It was agreed that planned pedagogical approaches can be affected by enrollment levels, and unexpected enrollment increases can lead to a concerning syllabus drift


·         It was proposed that GEAC reach out to divisional curriculum committees. The committee agrees on the importance of involving faculty in the discussion on learning goals and subsequent implementation of Perspectives courses. It was agreed that Chris Vickery would discuss this with the Math and Natural Sciences divisional curriculum committee on October 8, 2009.



The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

L. Pozzan, Recording Secretary