Selected GEAC-QC Submissions

Submission #179:  SOC 103: The Sociology of American Life
Department Contacts:  Suzanne Strickland and Anna Maria Bounds (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Culture and Values (CV)
  Context of Experience:  United States (US)
  [Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOCX)]   [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOCX)]  

Submission #180:  ENGL 252: British Literature Survey II
Department Contacts:  Thomas Frosch (
  Area of Knowledge and Inquiry:  Reading Literature (RL)
  Context of Experience:  European Traditions (ET)
  [Abstract]    [Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration (DOCX)]   [Syllabus/Syllabi (DOCX)]

General Education Advisory Committee

Minutes of the Meeting: November 10, 2010


J. Allen, P. Anderson, K. Lord, A. Morgado, L. Pozzan, A. Reichl, B. Simerka, J. Summerfield, C. Vickery, and C. Winks.

Call to Order and Approval of Agenda

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 in RZ 318. Minutes of the GEAC meeting on October 6, 2010 ( were approved. The agenda for the meeting was approved.

Revised Submissions Approved:


New Submissions Approved:

#179 SOC 103 (CV/US)  

#180 ENGL 252 (RL/ET)  

Submissions Pending Revision                Liaison

#168 PHIL 106 (RL)1                                                                      J. Allen

#173 ARTH 110 (AP/ET)2                                                             J. Allen

#174 PSYCH 103 (NS)3                                                                      A. Li

#175 PSCI 260 (SS/WC)4                                                               A. Reichl

#176 PSCI 234 (SS/ET) 4                                                               A. Reichl

#177 PSCI 238 (SS/WC) 4                                                             A. Reichl

#178 PSCI 258 (SS/WC) 4                                                             A. Reichl

Other Business

          The next GEAC meeting will be December 8, 2010, at 12:15 PM in RZ 318.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

A. Morgado, Recording Secretary

[1] J. Allen has contacted the proposers about revisions but has not received a response yet.

[2] The committee agreed that the course seems more appropriate for PI rather than ET. J. Allen will contact the proposer with respect to this, and to suggest a wording change of the title.

[3] The course was approved pending receipt of more information about how students will be graded. The question of how courses like this should be handled given the current wording of the NS requirement will be discussed at a retreat to be scheduled in January 2011

[4] Proposals 175 through 178 all suffered from similar problems, and are being handled as a group by the liaison.