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GEOL 008: Oceanography

Cecilia McHugh

(Submission #125)

Course Description

Oceanography has been offered by the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES) each semester for over 20 years. It is a three-hour lecture course, originally taught by several faculty including Nicholas Coch, Daniel Habib, Cecilia McHugh, and Gillian Stewart. The class fills to its limit (110 students) most semesters. Evaluations of the instructor, course and text have been very good.


Area of Knowledge and Inquiry: Natural Science (NS)
Context of Experience: Not Applicable
Extended Requirement: Not Applicable

Additional Course information

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: none
Existing Course: Existing
Existing Course Number: Geology 8
Course Anticipated to be offered: Every Semester
Other (if specified): 
Number of Sections: 1
Number of Seats: 110


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