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SPAN 047: Hispanic Film in English Translation

Barbara Simerka

(Submission #145)

Course Description

This course will explore the development of Hispanic film over the past half century, focusing on the ways that films address changing sociopolitical conditions. Students will study the terminology associated with film criticism, will learn to make more informed aesthetic judgments, and will train their critical faculties in a way that will help them better understand all forms of visual media--including plastic arts, television, and advertising. This course meets the aims of the Appreciating and Participating in the Arts section of the PLAS by training students in the “skills of observing … appreciating and understanding the creative arts,” thereby helping students to “develop awareness of the role of these arts in human life.”


Area of Knowledge and Inquiry: Appreciating and Participating in the Arts (AP)
Context of Experience: Not Applicable
Extended Requirement: Not Applicable

Additional Course information

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: English 110
Existing Course: New
Existing Course Number: 
Course Anticipated to be offered: Every Fall
Other (if specified): 
Number of Sections: 1
Number of Seats: 25


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