Student Engagement

The National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE) has been administered annually since 2000, to freshman and senior undergraduate students at colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada. The survey results offer a glimpse into how undergraduates view their experiences at college: their academic and intellectual experiences; the quality of their relationships with fellow students, faculty, and administrators; their use of time; their perception of the institutional environment; their self-assessed educational and personal growth.

Queens College has participated in three rounds of NSSE, and plans to participate in the 2009 survey. Results for previous years are available on the website of the Office of Institutional Research:

For an introduction to the NSSE project, and to learn about some of the key findings, read George Kuh's What we're learning about student engagement from NSSE (Change, Mar/Apr 2003, Vol. 35, Issue 2, pp. 24-32). 

For yet more information on NSSE:

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