Rolling Over Your Existing Courses

with the

Course Copy Tool

Example: Fall 2005








The Course Copy Tool allows the instructor of a course to copy selected materials from a given course into a new course to be used in the next semester.  This “roll over” of courses can be done using this simple tool, and relieves the instructor from the need to request a roll over and wait for it to be done.


1.   Log into blackboard, or, if already logged on, click on the Courses tab. From the list of courses, select the course you want to copy. Here, we will choose CSCI_212_AM2WA_200502. Note that the last six digits (“200502”) mean this course is from Spring (02) 2005. Also note that in the list of courses there is a CSCI_212_AM2WA_200509 course, which is the empty course shell for the Fall (09) 2005 instance of the course. The goal in this example is to copy material from the Spring course into the Fall course. Click on the Spring (current) course.




Line Callout 3: Fall 2005 empty course shellLine Callout 3: Spring 2005 current course

2.   Go to the Control Panel for the course, and click on Course Copy.























3.   Since CUNY has already provided a course shell using its standard naming conventions for the Fall 2005 course, choose Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.


      Please do not create a New Course.




















4.   Click on the Browse button of step 1 to find the course shell for the Fall 2005 course.























5.   Click on Search



after some time delay, a list of all the courses for which you are  the instructor will come up.  Click on the Select button next to the course shell for the Fall 2005 course.



Line Callout 3: Note there are other Fall 2005 instances of the same course. The instructor plans to merge them (Using the Merge Tool) later, so the course needs to be copied only once.







6.   Choose the parts of the existing course you want to copy to the new course by checking off the desired materials under step 2, Select Course Materials. The items checked in the figure below are the ones that are used by the Blackboard administrator when rolling over courses. So far, they have given acceptable rollovers.


      Do not copy your enrollment using step 3. Students are being enrolled in your Fall 2005 course on a nightly basis.


      Don’t worry about forgetting to copy something over. You can repeat this process by rolling more information into your existing course by following these same instructions














7.   The copy process is done in the background on the Bb server. You will get email (at the address you have in Bb) when the process is complete.




8.   Don’ forget to make your course Available when you are ready for your students to see it!


      Control Panel | Settings | Course Availability | Yes