Instructor Course Merge Tool


The Instructor Course Merge Tool is used to combine several sections of the same class into one Blackboard course. This is useful if you wish all students in all sections of the course to access the same materials on Blackboard, and to have all the students on one grade roster.


The following example shows how to merge all three lab sections of CSCI 212, a single-lecture, multiple lab course. The first thing to do is to select one of the three lab sections (it really doesn’t matter which one) as the parent course. After that, the other sections can be chosen to be merged with the parent.


The following screen shows that Prof. Lord has chosen QC_CSCI_212_AM2WA_200502 as the parent course, and has gone to the control panel for that course. Under Course Tools, select Instructor Course Merge Module.




The next screen essentially explains how the tool works. Click Next.




Now we need to choose which sections of the course will be associated with the parent course. Click Add sections to Parent Course.



The next screen lists other courses taught by Prof. Lord (under item 2). You may now select a section you want to merge into the parent course by clicking on it. To select more than one section, hold the control key down, and click on each section you want to merge. If there are more sections to merge than are listed in the selection window, you can always come back to this page and merge more courses. Click Submit.



Line Callout 3: Choose courses from here



The next screen shows that the merge has been successful. Clicking OK will bring you back to the options screen.






You can choose to add more sections, or list the sections that have been merged, or remove a course from the merged courses.

Now click on List/Modify Course Merge Properties.




This screen shows all the merged sections. So that students only see one section when they log in (rather than the merged one and the one they are actually enrolled in), check off the Hide boxes.


Line Callout 3: Click on these boxes.




Click on Submit, and resume using Blackboard as usual.