Student Access to Blackboard on CUNY


1. The Blackboard Course Management System.

blackboard offers you access to all the courses you are registered for. If your instructor puts course information on Blackboard, you automatically have access to it by registering for the class. Please note that if you are dropped from a course for some reason, you will lose your access to the course through Blackboard.

blackboard is accessed through the CUNY Portal at To log on to the portal you need a Portal ID and password. The CUNY portal contains a great deal of information aside from blackboard.


2. Getting a Portal ID is the first step.

The only information you need to log on to Blackboard is a Portal ID and a Password. To get a Portal ID, go to Click on the "Log In" link in the left frame on the bottom. Click on "Register Now!". You will be asked for your last name, Social Security Number and date of birth. You will then be asked to create a Portal ID and password. Obviously, you need to remember these items! If you have been successful at getting a Portal ID, proceed to number 3. Otherwise, the following problems may occur:


a. The Portal does not recognize you.

Your personal information has been supplied to the Portal by the Registrar. If you get the message "One or more fields below did not exactly match the data we have in our records. Please try again.", this means the information supplied by you was entered incorrectly, or it does not match what the Registrar has on file, or your information is not in the Portal database. The student help desk in I-Building may be of assistance in looking up your information, and you should check with the Registrar that your personal information is correct.

b. The CUNY Portal is not available.

This happens more often than we would like, and the only thing you can do is try later.


3. Logging on to the Portal and Blackboard

After registering for your Portal ID, or after going to and clicking "Log In", you should enter your Portal ID and password. You will get a screen with a lot of information. Before you do anything else, you should check your email address for the Portal system. Click on "My Profile" on the bottom of the left frame. Check your email address. This email address has been supplied by the Registrar. If it is incorrect, go to and follow the instructions to change your email address. The change takes place overnight. You will need your QC PIN number (the one you use to register for classes.) It is very important to have a current, valid email address on file, as any forgotten password for the Portal will be emailed to that address, and it is the email address to which information sent to you from your instructor will go. You may need to click on the "My Page" link at the right of the top horizontal frame of the Portal to get back to your Portal home page.

Now you can log in to Blackboard. In the top left balloon labeled "SSO Applications..." you should see a link for Blackboard. Click on that. You will see a screen with all the CUNY Colleges, and links saying "student" by any college in which you are using Blackboard. Click on the "Student" link next to Queens College. This should bring you into the Queens College Blackboard page, and you are finished with the log in process. It is a good idea to click on "Personal Information" in the Tool Box at the left. Click on "Edit Personal Information" and make sure your email address is correct. Remember, changes made through eSIMS take place overnight.


4. If the Portal is down, are you doomed?

If the Portal is down, but Blackboard is running, you will get a page from with a link to the "doorway". This is so you can still enter your Portal ID and password and get to Blackboard, even though you cannot log in to the Portal. If you do not get the link to the doorway automatically, the URL is


5. Forget something?

If you forget your password, there is a "Forgot Password" link on the Portal Login page. It will email your password to you using the email address set up through eSIMS.