Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that have been emailed to The names have been removed...

I have tried to register on the CUNy website for several times now (as a student, for one of my courses, as well as a faculty member), and it always failed. Here is the message I always get: "Your information cannot be confirmed at this time. Please register as a visitor"
This message means that information about you is either incorrect or not at all in SIMS (if you are a student) or in CUPS (if you are a faculty member). Consult with the Registrar or the Human Resources Office.
Is there a clear set of instructions available for students and faculty to get on the Portal and Blackboard?
Yes, it is on the this web page.
Can I reuse my course material from a previous semester without carrying over individual student data?
Yes. You can use the Course Copy Tool in Blackboard. Instructions for this are on the Ed Tech web page.
Mac users can't set up a Portal ID using Safari. I had to use Explorer to do this.
This is a known problem, and there is no solution. Safari is reported to work once you are in Blackboard.
If I go through this same Registration process from the Graduate Center, will the "My Institution" page then display my Grad Center course(s) or will that always be a separate setup?
After successfully logging on to the Portal, and clicking in the blackboard link, you will see links to all the Blackboard systems to which you are allowed access. In your case, you should see a link to get to Queens, and a link to get to the Graduate Center. They are different systems (called "VI"'s or "Virtual Instances").
You might want to mention that you have to enable cookies in order register for the portal.
Cookies need to be enabled at all times to use the Portal and Blackboard. They are not malicious cookies. They are needed to maintain your session
How long will courses from previous semesters be available on Bb?
Courses remain on the CUNY Bb system for three semesters. Then they are archived and removed.
I followed your instructions about CUNY Portal and tried to register. I am an adjunct with the XXXXXX department. At the registration site of the Portal I tried registering as faculty. This was not accepted and I was told to try again. Should I be registering as staff? I will be continuing to teach at Queens for the Spring '05 semester and do need the class rolled over. Please advise.
Adjuncts should register as faculty. The CUNY system will only recognize you once you have been put in CUPS by Human Resources.
My rolled-over course does not contain my discussion boards for my classes.
Discussion boards, class rosters, and those items particular to one semester of a course are not copied in the roll over process.
How long do the Blackboard sites from this semester stay online. I put a lot of work into these and if and when I teach these courses again, it would be nice to have this material handy online already.
Courses remain on the CUNY Bb system for three semesters. Then they are archived and removed.
I am teaching a large lecture for my XXXXX 101 and it is broken down into 4 different sections. Is there anyway to get all four sections merged on ONE Blackboard course site?
Yes. See the instructions for the Course Merge Tool on the Ed Tech web page.