Music 374: Music History 4
Fact Sheet

Professor: Hubert Howe
E-mail address:
Office: New Music Building, Room 350
Telephone: 718-997-FUNK (997-3865)
Course Web site:

Class Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 3:10 PM to 4:25 PM in room 351

Assignments: Assignments will consist mainly of analyzing works of music, from which ideas will be extracted and used as the basis for compositional assignments. Sometimes these assignments will be written and handed in, and at other times you should simply prepare yourself to discuss the piece in detail. Sometimes you will be asked to write out a piano reduction of an orchestral or instrumental passage, which you may also be asked to play at the keyboard. The most important assignments will be the compositions, which should be handed in at the beginning of the class period.

Examinations: There will be no examinations in this course except for the final examination. All other work is in the form of assignments, most of which will be graded, although they are not all of equal weight. Your final grade will include an evaluation of your classroom performance.