Name: John F. Bradley

Military Service Number: 12176870/0825549

Neighborhood: Bayside, Queens

DOB: July 4, 1923

Dates at Queens College: September 1941 - 1942


Freshman Class President

Pipe and Bowl Fraternity

Soccer Team

Date of Induction to Military: November 12, 1942

Military Service Branch: US Army Air Force

Rank: Second Lieutenant

Unit: Aviation Cadet Attachment, Class 44-C

Fate: February 12, 1945 [Plane exploded on take-off]

Awards and Medals:

World War II Lapel Service Button

World War II Victory Medal

Where Deployed:

Atlantic City, NJ

Greensville, MS

Maxwell Field, AL

Clarksdale, MI

George Field, Lawrenceville, IL

Tyndale Field, FL

Drew Field, FL

Hunter Field, Savannah, GA

Where Deceased: Hunter Field; Savannah, GA

Buried In: St. Mary's Cemetary, Kissena Park, New York

Photos Misc

As a student at Queens College, John Bradley, born July 4, 1923, was active in numerous student organizations. He was a member of the Men's Glee club, the soccer team, the War Committee, the Student Council, and was President of his class. Bradley served in the United States Army from November 12, 1942 to March 11, 1944 and from March 12, 1944 to his death. He began service as a member of the Aviation Cadet Detachment, Class 44-C, located at George Field, Lawrenceville, Florida. As an Air Corps bomber pilot, Bradley went down in a crash over the Atlantic near Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia on February 12, 1945; he was 21 years of age. In his military career, he was decorated with a WWII Lapel Service Button and awarded with the WWII Victory Medal and earned the rank of Second Lieutenant. In honor of his service in the US Armed Forces and to the Queens College community, a memorial award of one hundred dollars was created in memory of John F. Bradley by the Pipe and Bowl Fraternity. The fund was for purchasing books for each of the college's department's collection and each book had a special bookplate affixed saying it was purchased with the Bradley fund.


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