Name: Warren Marion Robinson

Military Service Number: 4039458 / 118287

Neighborhood: Bayside, Queens

DOB: December 20, 1920

Dates at Queens College: 1937 - 1941



Hoff Mann

Sigma Delta Chi



Phi Eta Chi

Date of Induction to Military:

June 20, 1941(Enlisted) , Sept 17, 1941 Active

Military Service Branch: US Navy Reserves

Rank: Lieutenant (JG)

Unit: U.S.S. Augustine

Fate: KIA, Ship collided with merchant Marine ship on January 7, 1944

Awards and Medals:

American Defense Service Medal

Where Deployed:

Where Deceased:

Buried In:


Warren Marion Robinson enlisted in the Naval Reserves on 20 June 1941 and attained the rank of Midshipman on 15 October 1941. In 1942, he would be called for active service and served in the Inshore Patrol, Boston section for two months. On 1st of March 1943, he was appointed Lieutenant (junior grade) and served on the U.S.S. Saint Augustine. The Saint Augustinetook part in convoy escorts between New York City and the Caribbean. On 6th of June 1944, the ship collided with the merchant ship Camas Meadows and sank sixty miles southeast of Cape May, New Jersey. Nearly four-fifths of her crew was lost, including Robinson.

He graduated from Queens College in 1941 and Professor Philips Bradley of the Political Science department recommended him as a candidate for the U.S. Naval Reserves and in his letter wrote, "Mr.Robinson has an unusually attractive and friendly personality. He can handle all kinds of situations met with in his student relationships adequately, and had displayed a high sense of responsibility."


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