Alan Rosenberg
Department of Philosophy

Alan Rosenberg is an assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Queens College, CUNY.
He is co-editor of Echoes from the Holocaust: Philosophical Reflections a Dark Time (Philadelphia: Temple University, 1988) and Healing their Wounds: Psychotherapy with Holocaust Survivors and their Families (New York: Prager, 1989). Among his recent publications are: "Hannah Arendt and the Etiology of the Desk Killer: The Holocaust as Portent" in History of European Ideas, Volume 14, Number 2, (1992); The Unlearned Lessons of the Holocaust" in Modern Judaism, 13 (1993); and "The Philosophical Stakes of the Heidegger" in The Journal of Value Inquiry, 27 (1993), all with Alan Milchman. He is also the special editor (with Paul Marcus) of a issue of The Psychoanalytic Review devoted to Bruno Bettelheim.


Recent Publications



Echoes from the Holocaust-
Philosophical Reflections on a Dark Time - Alan Rosenberg and Gerald E. Myers, Editors
Healing Their wounds - Psychotherapy with Holocaust Survivors and Their Families-
Alan Rosenberg and Paul Marcus, Editors
Martin Heidegger and the Holocaust - Alan Milchman and Alan Rosenberg, Editors



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