Luau Welcomes Students to a New Semester
By Dana Lech

Student were welcomed back to a new semester on Feb. 8 at the Luau Day Jam sponsored by the Student Association. Students gathered during free hour outside the 4th Floor Ballroom in the Student Union to unwind and enjoy themselves.

Upon entering, the first 100 students received Hawaiian leis and colorful maracas. Loud reggae
and hip-hop beats filled the room beckoning students to let loose on the spacious dance floor.
Many people gathered on the floor to dance to the current hits with their friends and meet new
people. There was a rich buffet of food from vegetarian to kosher including egg rolls, pita, fruit,
sushi, and mini hotdogs. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Students Protest Proposed Budget
By Nathan Weinberg

On the first Wednesday of this semester, Queens College students took the governor’s budget and stamped it “Return to Sender.”

Students in the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) gathered in the dining hall on February 1 to send a message of disapproval regarding the proposed budget.

QC To Raise WWII Memorial
By Richard Facundo

The Queens College chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Society, is holding a meeting on February 21 during free hour in Powdermaker Hall, Room 117. During this meeting, the club will run an informational session concerning a research project with the ultimate goal of erecting a World War II memorial in honor of Queens College students and alumni who were killed in action. The History Honor Society is seeking to recruit students who are interested in helping conduct the research necessary to accomplish the task of honoring those who sacrificed their lives during the war. Those who participate may be eligible to receive a modest stipend for their contribution to this project

The Value of a Valentine
By Ange Loiseau

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, some people are excited and just can’t wait long enough for the day to arrive while others are indifferent and plan on treating the day like any other regular day.

There are numerous opinions as to how Valentine’s Day really came about. The romantic holiday, which falls on February 14, has often been associated with the Catholic feast day which took place in order to celebrate Saint Valentine. Another explanation states Roman gave their lives that day to preserve Christianity.

Purse-Snatcher Loose On Campus
By Jose Campos

On Saturday, January 14 at 3pm a handbag was stolen from a QC student. The student, a young female who name was not released by the school, was thrown down to the floor by two teenage kids and mugged in the middle of the day. The victim reported that she had been walking to Jefferson Hall when she was pushed down from behind by two teenagers who then grabbed her handbag from the floor and ran toward the Pomonok Housing residence. The victim’s hands were scratched from being thrown to the floor during the attack, but she refused medical attention.

Hillel’s Grand Re-Opening
By Yishai Maynard

This past Monday the Hillel showed everyone how the Student Union walls could look with a little bit of hard work and a lot of inspiration. Over winter break students as well as staff teamed up with artist Anna Polishchuk of USD Hagshama, a department of the World Zionist Organization, to paint the Hillel lounge.

The brainchild of the QC Hillel Israel Fellow Elit Goldberger, the students and staff worked day and night
for a week straight to get the job done. After many meetings to decide what should be painted, the team
decided to paint the walls with a mural of Israel.

Remembering A SCOPES Hero
By Ari Goldstein

Two historically marginalized groups, African-Americans and Jews, got together in the Queens College Hillel on Wednesday to hear Barbara Jean Emerson, the daughter of Reverend Hosea L. Williams, movingly discussed the story of her father and his impact as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement.