President Bush unveiled his $2.77 trillion budget plan this week and, to no surprise, it bears more of a resemblance to a SimCity budget than a United States budget, with little regard to the real-world ramifications of what it proposes. Based mostly on strange assumptions and convenient omissions, the budget is devoid of many absolutes.

The budget for the fiscal year claims that the Nation’s record-breaking deficit will be virtually non-existent by the end of this decade. The problem is that it would be near impossible to achieve this task while cutting taxes and continuing the war in Iraq.

Fiscal Responsibility Gone Awry
By Richard A. Alicea

Nixzmary Brown died at the age of seven, reportedly over a missing yogurt container. Quachuan Brown died at the age of four by his mother’s boyfriend and a pit bull. Did these deaths have to occur? The Administration of Children’s Services was supposed to be watching over these kids. But, this agency has been flawed for quite some time now. The only crime these children committed was to live in a city that operates under a “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” policy.

Working to Stop Child Abuse
By Omari Weekes
Candid Camera: The Real Story on the MTA
By Svetlana Gelman

How many times have you seen a picture of a token booth clerk sleeping on the job? How many times have you read about how much this man gets paid for napping? I barely ever glance at newspapers because they are so often ghastly, but even I have seen the pictures since they’re also all over the internet. The salary of the man is usually shown to be somewhere around $70,000. Sure, it all looks bad, but let’s do a little thinking and some math…

Bush’s Misguided War on T-Shirts
By Robert Blair and Jonathan Wachtel

When George W. Bush offered his thanks, he thanked the distinguished guests at this past State of the Union address. We couldn’t help but wonder what his definition of “distinguished” was. We knew it couldn’t be the same as ours, because we would never drag a distinguished guest out just because we didn’t dig her threads.

The Tortures of Dating
By Lucy Torres

These past weeks, amongst the usual craziness of a new semester starting, there has been one predominant thought that keeps gnawing at me- the issue of dating. What is it? How do people do this? Why?