Purse-Snatcher Loose On Campus
By Jose Campos

On Saturday, January 14 at 3pm a handbag was stolen from a QC student. The student, a young female who name was not released by the school, was thrown down to the floor by two teenage kids and mugged in the middle of the day. The victim reported that she had been walking to Jefferson Hall when she was pushed down from behind by two teenagers who then grabbed her handbag from the floor and ran toward the Pomonok Housing residence. The victim’s hands were scratched from being thrown to the floor during the attack, but she refused medical attention.

The perpetrators have not yet been apprehended, since the report given to the school’s security officials did not
give enough of a detailed description as to how the teenagers looked.

This is the first case of robbery on campus this year; in 2005 there were four reported cases of theft. Pedro J.
Pineiro, director of security, said, “In 2005 it was only in December that Queens College had any reports of
students and faculty being robbed”. Pineiro further stated, “During the Christmas holidays the rates of pick
pocketing and purse snatching crimes tends to spike up.” Thieves tend to assume people carry more money
during the holiday season. Pineiro also said that most students are not aware of their surrounding when
walking around the school campus, and ought to be more alert.

On December 12, 2005 the school security officials reported the first grand-larceny of the year. The report states
that a female student was walking to the Student Union at 1pm when a man came from behind her and
snatched a bag away from her. The victim screamed as the man ran off the campus. The purse contained
$65 dollars, a cell phone and other personal items.

Three high school students waiting for the Q74 bus heard the victim yelling, saw the thief running off campus, and chased after him. One of the young men, Lavaughn Renolds, said he and his friends chased the man two blocks before he dropped the purse and ran the other way. “I saw the man run to the Pomonok projects and we chased him to the basketball court and then he dropped the purse and kept on running,” Renolds said. Renolds and the other two young men, Williams and Sanchez, recovered the purse and brought it to school officials. However, the man escaped with the $65 that was in the purse.

On December 14, a female employee of the bookstore was heading toward the Student Union at 8:45am to work. The school’s security report states that someone came from behind the victim and grabbed her pocketbook, which had $90 inside. The reports said that she ran after the thief to the Pomonok Housing residence but could not catch him. Thepocketbook was found later in the morning by her colleagues on a table in the Student Union building. Unfortunately, the money wasn’t inside the pocketbook when it was retrieved.

On December 16, at 11: 15am yet another purse-snatching occurred.. The school’s security reports say that the female student was walking to Powdermaker Hall from the food court by the I-building when man came from behind and knocked her purse to the floor. Fortunately a male student, Paym Hakakian, witnessed the incident and chased after thief to recover the female’s purse with all of the money still inside.

The last incident to take place on campus in 2005 occurred on Dec. 21, when a young woman had her lunch box snatched from her hand while walking passed Frese Hall. Pineiro stated that the thief had probably mistaken the lunch box for a purse. “The perpetrator must have thought that the lunch box was a purse when he snuck from behind the young lady,” Pineiro said.

Unfortunately the thief wasn’t apprehended this time either. The victim’s description of the thief stated he was a short male with a black coat and a black hat.