SOL BERKOWITZ, M.A. (Columbia University), composition. Composer of symphonic, chamber and choral works; composer and arranger for Broadway, television and ballet; author, Improvisation Through Keyboard Harmony; co-author, A New Approach to Sight Singing; recordings on RCA, CRI, Columbia; Ford Foundation and ASCAP grants; more than 100 published compositions.

ALLEN BRINGS, Mus.A.D. (Boston University), composition, piano. Compositions include a symphony, three chamber concertos, five sonatas, two quintets; co-author, A New Approach to Keyboard Harmony; recordings on CRI, Orion, Grenadilla, Centaur, Contemporary Recording Studios; ASCAP awards.

CHARLES BURKHART, M.Mus. (Yale University), music theory. Schenkerian analysis; pianist; author, Anthology for Musical Analysis; co-author, A New Approach to Keyboard Harmony; articles and reviews in The Music Review, Perspectives of New Music, Journal of Music Theory, The Music Forum.

HENRY BURNETT, Ph.D. (CUNY), musicology. 17th- and 18th-century music, traditional Japanese music; licensed master (Natori) of shamisen and koto; articles in Asian Music, Hogaku, New Grove Dictionary, American Gamba Society Journal, American Organist, American Choral Review; founder and editor, Hogaku: Journal of Traditional Japanese Music; coordinator, ACSM Japanese music program.

LAWRENCE EISMAN, Ed.D. (New York University), music education, conducting. Author, The World of Music, Vols. VI, VII, VIII; articles and reviews in Music Educators Journal; director, Queens College Choral Society; founding director, Center for Preparatory Studies in Music.

RAYMOND ERICKSON, Ph.D. (Yale University), musicology, harpsichord. Medieval and Baroque music, computer applications in musicology; author, DARMS: A Reference Manual; articles and reviews in Journal of Music Theory, Computers and the Humanities, College Music Symposium; recordings--The Erickson Tapes (Syntonic), Smithsonian; IBM Systems Research, NEH and Humboldt Stiftung Fellowship grants; director, Aston Magna Academies on 17th- and 18th-century culture.

DAVID GAGNE, Ph.D. (CUNY), music theory. Schenkerian analysis; article in The Music Forum; articles editor, Theory and Practice; former associate music director and conductor, Dance Theatre of Harlem; Presser Scholar (Columbia University).

MARJORIE HAHN, M.A. (Columbia University), music education. articles in Music Educators Journal, School Music News; music consultant to many school districts.

RUFUS HALLMARK, Ph.D. (Princeton University), musicology, tenor. Schumann, Schubert, the German lied; author, The Genesis of Schumann's Dichterliebe; articles and reviews in Journal AMS, 19th-Century Music, MLA Notes, Music & Letters, Schubert Studies, Text and Music; 1st, 2nd, 3rd Schumann Symposia; editor, new Bach and Schumann editions; NEH and Mellon Fellowships.

SIR ROLAND HANNA, jazz, piano. Internationally recognized jazz pianist and composer. Featured soloist on six continents from 1949 to the present; recordings with small groups and orchestras in Europe, Japan, and the United States; recent CDS with Angel, Progressive Records and Concord Jazz.

JAMES HEATH, jazz, saxophone. International saxophonist, leader, composer, arranger; commissions from Kronos String Quartet, Dizzy Gillespie Big Band, ACSM; recordings on Columbia, Riverside, Landmark.

HUBERT S. HOWE, JR., composition, electronic and computer music. Author, Electronic Music Synthesis, TRS-80 Assembly Language; articles and reviews in Perspectives of New Music, ASUC Proceedings; recordings--Opus One No. 47B and 53; Director, Aaron Copland School of Music.

JOEL MANDELBAUM, Ph.D. (Indiana University), composition. Composer of symphonic, choral, chamber, operatic and microtonal music; articles and reviews, Journal of Music Theory, Perspectives of New Music, Zenharmonikon.

THEA MUSGRAVE, B.Mus. (Edinburgh University), composition. Distinguished Professor, ACSM; composer of symphonic, chamber and choral works, opera; works performed by London, BBC, Pittsburgh, Houston, San Francisco, Dallas, Baltimore, and Minneapolis Symphonies, the New York and Los Angeles Philharmonics, the Los Angeles and St. Paul Chamber Orchestras, Juilliard Quartet, etc.; operas produced by New York City, San Francisco, Virginia, Scottish and Royal Opera Companies; recordings on Decca, EMI, Moss Music Group; works published by J&W Chester, Novello.

ARBIE ORENSTEIN, Ph.D. (Columbia University), musicology, piano. Author, Ravel: Man and Musician; articles and reviews in Musical Quarterly, The Music Forum, Revue de Musicologie; recordings on Musical Heritage; Fulbright, NEH and Singer-Polignac grants.

MAURICE PERESS, B.A. (New York University), conducting, orchestra. Author, Some Music Lessons for American Indian Youngsters; former music director, Kansas City Philharmonic, Corpus Christi Symphony, Austin Symphony; former assistant conductor, New York Philharmonic; guest conductor, San Francisco, Washington and Vienna State Opera Orchestras; recordings on Columbia, Musical Heritage, RCA, Warner; director, Queens College Orchestra.

DRORA PERSHING, M.Phil. (CUNY), music theory, piano. Co-author, A New Approach to Keyboard Music; article, Journal of the Violin Society of America; Danforth Kent Fellowship, Sharps Prize; associate director, ACSM.

DANIEL PHILLIPS, B.Mus. (The Juilliard School), violin. Nationally renowned soloist and ensemble performer; participant in U.S. and international music festivals; member, Orion Quartet.

MOREY RITT, M.A. (Queens College), piano. Editor, Nineteenth- Century Piano Duets; recordings on CRI; Fulbright and Kosciusko grants, Spalding Prize, Concert Artists Guild; solo, chamber and orchestral performances in U.S. and abroad.

RONALD ROSEMAN, B.A. (Queens College), oboe, composition. International soloist and ensemble performer; member, New York Woodwind Quintet and Bach Aria Group; former co-principal oboe, New York Philharmonic; former member, New York Pro Musica; oboe faculty, Yale School of Music, The Juilliard School; director, the Nota Bene Contemporary Ensemble, ACSM.

RICHARD SANG, Ph.D. (University of Michigan), music education. Articles in Council for Research in Music Education, Music Educators Journal, International Society for Music Education; guest conductor, clinician, adjudicator; Rackham Fellow; director, Queens College Wind Ensemble.

BRUCE SAYLOR, Ph.D. (CUNY), composition. Author, The Musical Thought of Henry Cowell; articles and reviews in Musical Quarterly, Musical America, CMS Symposium, Contemporary Music Newsletter, Musica Judaica, New Grove Dictionary; commissions and-performances--American Composers Orchestra, Pennsylvania Opera Festival, Houston and Yale Symphonies, NEA, Library of Congress, Radio France, Tanglewood; recordings on Orion, CRI; Fulbright, Guggenheim, Ives, Rodgers and Hammerstein, National Society of Arts and Letters awards.

CARL SCHACHTER, M.A. (New York University), music theory. Distinguished Professor, ACSM; co-author, Counterpoint in Composition, Harmony and Voice Leading; articles and reviews in Journal of Music Theory, The Music Forum, Music Analysis, CMS Symposium; associate editor, The Music Forum.

EDWARD SMALDONE, Ph.D. (CUNY), composition. Composer, Transformational Etudes and Three Scenes from the Heartland for solo piano, Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra, Three Episodes for Percussion Quartet. Recordings on New World Records, others.

JOSEPH STRAUS, Ph.D. (Yale University), music theory. Author, Remaking the Past; articles in Music Theory Spectrum, Journal of Music Theory, Musical Quarterly, Perspectives of New Music; editor, Milton Babbitt: Words about Music.

HENRY WEINBERG, Ph.D. (Princeton University), composition. Articles and reviews in Notes, Perspectives of New Music, ACA Bulletin, Nuova Rivista Musicale Italiana; recordings on Naumberg, Vox; commissions from Fromm Foundation, Tanglewood; Guggenheim, Fulbright, Prix de Rome, American Academy awards; founding president, American Society of University Composers.

ROBERT WHITE, Ed.D. (Columbia University), voice. Author, Overture to Opera, Study Guide to Aida; articles and reviews in American Music Teacher, Music Educators Journal, Church Musician, School Music News, NYSME Journal, Journal of Voice; member, American Academy of Teachers of Singing.

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