YIDDISH 12.4,  2001
Joseph Landis, Editor
Sanford E. Morowitz, Nora Glickman, Associate Editors

Sanford E. Marowitz:
American Jewish Drama, Theatre and Film, 1

Robert Franciosi:
Screening the Wall: David O. Selznick’s “Lost” Holocaust Film, 5

Morris Beja:
Spilberg’s Schindler: “The Presentation”, 12

Ellen Schiff:
Hard to be a Jew? Questions of Identity in American Jewish Drama, 22

Dennis A. Klein:
Angels in America as Jewish American Drama, 34

Evelyn Avery:
Religion and Rebellion: Jewish American Women Writers in the 90’s , 44

Nora Glickman:
Hispanic Jewish Fiction, 56

Naomi Lindstrom: Clarice Lispector and Elisa Lispector, 58

Judith Morganroth Schneider:
Rosa Nissan’s Representations of Diasporic Consciousness: Reflections of Genealogy, Geography and Gender in Las tierras prometidas, 65

Angelina Muniz-Huberman:
Exile and Memory in Latin American Jewish Literature, 84

Monica Bausset-Orcutt:
Nora Glickman’s Disapora and Identity in Liturgies and Blanca Dias, 98

Rosa Perelmuter:
From Havana to the Hub: Cuban –Jewish Responses to Exile, 108

Book Reviews:
Elaine Safer:
Bellow: A Biography by James Atlas



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