12. Modern Jewish Studies

Hispanic Jewish Literature: A Double Issue (Yiddish Vol 14, 1, 2004)

Joseph Landis, Editor

Nora Glickman, Guest Editor

Louis Barr:
Yiddish and Contemporary Argentine Fiction , 1

Annettte Prekker:
“Galloping along the “Faultlines”: The Figure of the Horse in Latin American
Jewish Narrative”, 18
Sandra Messinger Cypess:
Love Preserves: Ethnicity and Desire in the Narratives of Sara Sefchovich , 26

Nora Glickman:
Max Berliner and Cipe Lincovsky: Two Great Actors of the Yiddish/Spanish
 Theatres in Argentina,   50                  

Silvia Hansman and Susana Skur:
“Curatorship, Patrimonialization, and Memory Objects: Exhibition of Yiddish Theatre
Posters Created in Argentina , 57
Pesakh’ke Burstein:
From What a Life!, 87

Erin Gradd Zivin:
The Face of the Other: Diagnosing Jewishness in Latin American Literature , 91

Books Reviews:            
David Sheinin :
Rannan Rein,  Argentina, Israel, and the Jews: Peron, the Eichman Capture  and after  , 104

Malva Filer:
Edna Aizenberg, Books and Bombs in Buenos Aires: Borges, Gerchunoff \and          Argentine- Jewish Writing , 107                                                                                                             

Jerold Frakes:   
Yitskhok Nibeorksy, With the Assistance of Simon Neuberg ,,,
Yitskhok Niborski and Bernard Vaisbrot, with the Collaboration of Simon
Neuberg, Dictionnaire Yiddish-Francais , 110


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