(Vol 5, Nos 2-3, 1983)
Editor Joseph Landis


Introductory Note,     v
David Kessler:
Reminiscenses of the Yiddish Theatre,   3

Celia Adler:
Celia Adler Recalls,    55

Sholem Secunda:
From the Melody Remains: The Memoirs of Sholem Secunda,    111

Herman Yablokoff:
From Around the World with Yiddish Theatre,  156

Pesakh’le Burstein:
From What a Life!    200

Marvin L. Seiger:
First Yiddish Theatre Ventures in New York City, 228

David S. Lifson:
The Changing Image of the Jew on Stage, 243

Eli Katz:
The Language of Herz’s Esther,
Edited by Robert M. Copeland and Nathan Susskind, 265

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