Master of Science Programs in Music Education

The Program

The Master of Science in Education - Music program is designed to increase the professional knowledge and skills of probationary teachers working toward the upper-level certification. The program stresses the foundations and psychology of music and education, the teaching of elementary and secondary general music, vocal and instrumental pedagogy, conducting, and research. The program is rounded out with music and education electives to fit the student's abilities and needs. Thirty-three to thirty-five credits are required for the degree, and it is possible to study on a part-time basis. This program leads to NY State Professional Certification.

Requirements for admission

  • A Bachelor's degree in music or music education from an accredited institution
  • A "B" average or higher in the undergraduate music degree
  • Completion of an approved sequence of professional courses leading to the award of  the New York State Initial Certification in music preK-12
  • A music history qualifying examination will be administered during the first fall semester of the program.

Advanced Certificate program

The Schools of Music and Education have an "Advanced Certificate" opportunity for prospective students who wish to enter an MS in Education graduate program in Music but who may lack undergraduate preparation in education and Initial New York State Teacher Certification. This program leads to Initial Certification. Total credits are individually determined. Upon completion, students will be given the opportunity to continue with the regular MS in Music Education with some of the certification credits being applied to that degree.

Qualifications: Candidates must hold at least a bachelor's degree with a major in music. This degree must be with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) or 3.0 (B) or better. All candidates must meet the general matriculation requirements of the College -- including at least one year of a college level foreign language (or equivalent). The program is NOT available on a non-matriculated basis.

Admission: Admission to the Advanced Certification program takes place only once a year. Students must have completed applications to the Office of Graduate Admissions not later than April 1st of the spring prior to beginning the program in the following fall. In addition to the grade and degree qualifications listed above, the successful candidate will pass an interview with the music education faculty.

The Curriculum: Subject to change pending new New York State teacher certification requirements at the time of printing. Generally, students must be available to attend both day and evening classes for this program. Course requirements for the program will range from a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 32 credits, depending on undergraduate courses.


Requirements will depend on vocal or instrumental emphasis and undergraduate transcript analysis. Guitarists and pianists who do not play another instrument proficiently will not be permitted into the instrumental sequence, but will be admitted into the vocal/general sequence. No student will be required to take all of the following.

  • SEYS 536: Education Foundations (3 crs.) or MUS 690 – Foundations of Music Education (3 crs.)
  • EECE 711: Childhood Development (3 crs.)
  • SEYS 552: Adolescent Development (3 crs.)
  • SEYS 700: Language, Literacy and Culture (3 crs.)
  • MUS 645: Seminar in Teaching Music: Elementary (3 crs.) Spring only
  • MUS 646: Seminar in Teaching Music: Secondary (3 crs.) Fall only
  • MUS 644: Student Teaching (minimum 17 hrs/6 crs.) Spring only
  • Music 268 (or 642) or Music 269 (or 641): Choral or Instrumental Methods (3 crs.)
  • Music 270 or 669: Conducting I or II (2 crs.)
  • Music 666: Vocal Pedagogy (2 crs.) (all vocal/general music majors)
  • Music 661: Upper Strings (1 cr.) (except violin majors)
  • Music 662: Lower Strings (1 cr.) (except cello majors)
  • Music 663: Woodwinds (1 cr.) (except woodwind majors)
  • Music 667: Brass (1 cr.) (except brass majors)
  • Music 668: Percussion (1 cr.) (except percussion majors)

All students will be required to pass a piano proficiency examination before completion. A history qualifying exam is also required.

Additional NYS Certification Requirements:

  • Attend a seminar on Substance Abuse
  • Attend a seminar on Child Abuse 
  • Attend a seminar on Violence in the Classroom
  • Attend a seminar on School Safety
  • Pass the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (LAST, ATS-W, and CST).

Contact: Dr. Richard C. Sang, Coordinator of Music Education, (718) 997-3850.

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