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Summer 2013 Music Festivals and Workshops

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Jane Cho
Eric Chernov

David Ronis
Christa Patton
June 16 - 22
Christa Patton – Co-director; Music Director; Baroque harp
David Ronis – Co-director; Stage Director
Daniel Lee – String technique and repertoire
Julianne Baird – Baroque Vocal Style Specialist
Drew Minter – Guest Stage Director

Ben Arendsen
June 16 - 29
Maurice Peress – Director/Conductor
Donald Portnoy – Guest Conductor
George Rothman – Guest Conductor
Dorothy Savitch – Discovery Director
David Amram – Guest Composer
David Brubaker – Guest Composer
Bruce Saylor – Guest Composer

Sherry Overholt
August 4 - 11 Dr. Sherry Overholt – Voice Faculty, Queens & Purchase Colleges
Andres Andrade – Voice Faculty, Queens College, Citywide Youth Opera
Dr. James John – Faculty, Queens College, Head of Choral Activities
Deepak Marwah – Voice Faculty, LaGuardia Arts High School
Jayne Skoog – Voice Faculty, Long Island City High School
Jennifer Grimaldi – Voice Instructor (Graduate of Queens College)
Jana Ballard – Voice/Musical Theatre, LaGuardia Arts High School

Raymond Erickson
August 5 - 10 Raymond Erickson – Program Director and keyboards
Masayuki Maki – Keyboards
Sally Sanford – Voice
Janet Packer – Violin
Brent Wissick – Cello and gamba
Dorothy Olsson – Baroque dance


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