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Spring 2005 Table of Content

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    The Geography of Defeat

    By James Steele

    A close analysis of the demographics of defeat.


    Wal-Mart and the New World Order

    Wal-Mart: A Template for Twenty-first Century Capitalism?

    By Nelson Lichtenstein

    Wal-Mart has set the standard for the future of low-wage giant business.



    Life inside America’s Largest Dysfunctional Family: Working for Wal-Mart

    By Ellen Rosen

    High pressure, poor training, shaming rituals, and overwork are norms for Wal-Mart employees.



    Patriarchy at the Check-Out Counter

    By Brad Seligman

    Wal-Mart’s women employees take the company to court in the country’s largest ever civil rights class action.



    God Goes Corporate

    By Linda Kintz

    How, miracle of miracles, the right convinced ordinary Americans that the market is blessed by God.



    Debate: The Crisis of Worker Rights:

    Saving the Right to Organize: Substitute the 13th Amendment for the Wagner Act

    By Mark Dudzic:

    Why labor law should not be premised on individual rights.


    Collective Bargaining is the Priority: Larry Cohen replies to Mark Dudzic


    The 13th Amendment is No Magic Bullet: Josh Freeman replies to Mark Dudzic


    Mark Dudzic Replies



    An Interview with John Wilhelm

    By Kent Wong


    Keeping Living Wages Alive  

    By Stephanie Luce

    Passing living wage ordinances is only half the battle.



    Corporate America’s Favorite Export: How Should Labor Respond to Outsourcing?

    By Thea Lee

    Only an overhauled trade policy can address job flight and worker exploitation in the global economy.



    Debate: The AFL-CIO and China                                                        

    Skirting the Facts on China:  Barbara Shailor responds to Kent Wong


    Kent Wong Replies: China Remains the Exception



    Bad Connections: How Labor Fails to Communicate

    By Matt Witt

    New strategies to build public support and worker involvement. 



    A Comic Celebration: The 100th Anniversary of the IWW

    By Paul Buhle



    Books and the Arts:


    A Populist Frankenstein

    What’s the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America

    By Thomas Frank

    Reviewed by Alice O’ Connor 



    The Paradox of Government Regulation, American Style

    Democracy & Regulation – How the Public Can Govern Essential Services

    By Greg Palast, Jerrold Oppenheim and Theo MacGregor

    Reviewed by Kenneth Peres



    Nerves of Steel

    Black Freedom Fighters in Steel: The Struggle for Democratic Unionism

    By Ruth Needleman

    Reviewed by Dorian Warren  


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