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Spring/Summer 2000

Table of Contents



From the Editorial Team



Don't Mourn: Globalize!
by Wally Katz
The activist adage, "think globally act locally," is misguided, Katz argues in his dissection of the political economy of global capitalism.



Dignity and Democracy
by David Montgomery
America's preeminent historian looks back at what the labor movement has wrought over the course of the 20th century..



Let There be One, Two, Many Seattles: Some Observations and Reflections



Teamsters and Turtles
by Steve Fraser and Nelson Lichtenstein
The WTO marked a watershed in post-Cold War prospects for a "global New Deal." Yet labor's close ties to "Old Deal" Democrats may hinder its ability to help lead this movement



The Battle in Seattle and Where We Go from Here
by Stewart Acuff
A deputy regional director for the AFL-CIO draws lessons from his experience in Seattle.



The Kids are Alright
by Jeff Crosby
A Massachusetts labor activist applauds mass action and chides labor for its timidity.



Whose Ox is being Gored(d)?
Five responses to the Michael Kazin/Nikhil Singh debate on labor and the Democratic Party from the Fall/Winter 1999 issue



Michael Kazin



Richard Trumka



Paul Buhle



Gwendolyn Mink



Corey Robin



Is Organizing Enough? Race, Gender, and Union Culture
by Bill Fletcher and Richard W. Hurd
Labor's current push to make organizing the priority overlooks the need to build a new movement that embraces women and people of color.



Higher Education, Inc.
by Cynthia Young and Dan Clawson, Guest Editors
A probing examination of why the Academic Establishment is flunking the 'labor question.'



The Neo-Liberal University
by Sheila Slaughter and Gary Rhoades
No longer can the ivory tower pretend immunity from the fevers of the marketplace. The modern university has discovered the pristine discipline of the corporate bottom line.



Living Wage Campaigns Storm the Ivory Tower: Low Wage Workers on Campus
by Jess Walsh
Low wage campaigns are invading the campus...but are campus workers getting organized?

90   A New Campus Rebellion: Organizing Boston's Contingent Faculty
by Gary Zabel
The story of a promising campaign to confront the casualization of teaching on campus.
99   Graduate Employee Organizing and the Corporate University
by Kimberly Quinn Johnson and Joseph Entin
Graduate teacher organizing campaigns at Yale and NYU are path breaking events both for academia and the labor movement.
108   The Struggle for Union Justice and Social Justice at the University of Iowa
by John Scott
How collective bargaining on campus can embrace the struggle for social justice.
117   Books and the Arts
117   Taking Care of Business: Samuel Gompers, George Meany, Lane Kirkland, and the Tragedy of American Labor
by Paul Buhle
Reviewed by Deborah E. Bell
122   Capital Moves; RCA's 70 year Quest for Cheap Labor
by Jefferson Cowie
Reviewed by Kimberly Phillips-Fein
127   No Shame in My Game: The Working Poor and the Inner-City
by Katherine S. Newman
Reviewed by Mary Patillo-McCoy
134   Poetry
136   Letters
138   About Our Contributors