Department of Political Science, Queens College

The Undergraduate Program

The Political Science department at Queens College specilizes in undergraduate education. On average, the department offers 40 courses in a given semester. The department offers a flexible course of study for a B.A. degree. For students who would like more guidance in particular concentration areas, we offer two specialization tracks: Law and Politics and International Politics. (Students are not required to choose a track, but may do so.)

The Major in Political Science
To receive a major in political science, students should complete a course of study in political science, as well as at least three courses in departments other than political science. Each student majoring in political science must take a seminar course.

Political Science Coursework:
Students should take at least 31 hours of political science courses, including at least three and no more than four 100-level courses.

Elective and Seminar Courses:
Students are required to take at least 15 hours (18 hours if they take 3 100 level courses) of political science elective courses, in addition to a seminar. The introductory course in each category is a prerequisite for the intermediate courses and seminars in each category. Exemptions from this rule may be granted by the advisor with the concurrence of the instructor.

By the upper sophomore year, political sicence majors should have worked out a comprehensive course of study in political science with their faculty advisor before registering for more political science courses. To do this, all majors must fill out a concentration form.

Transfer students who plan to major in political science should take a minimum of 18 credits in the department, regardless of the number of political science credits earned at other institutions.

The Minor in Political Science
The minor in political science consists of 18 credits, including two of the first six courses (introductory courses), and at least three upper level courses. No seminar is required, but if one is taken it will be credited toward the minor. Students interested in a political science minor need to file a Minor Concentration form, available in the department office.

Tracks in Political Science
The specialized tracks help students select introductory and electove courses that correspond to their interests in law and politics or international politics. Students majoring in political science are not required to declare a track.

The International Politics Track Requirements
    1. 1. Comparative Politics (PSCI 103), International Relations (PSCI 104),   and one other 100-level course
    2. 2. Four courses from Political Science 230-246, 250-269, 272, 286
    3. 3. Political Science 383W or 384W
    4. 4. Two electives from other political science courses, one or both of which may be internships.

The Law and Politics Track Requirements
1. American Politics (PSCI 100) and two other 100-level political science courses
2. Four courses from Political Science 212, 213, 250, 270, 280-289
3. Political Science 381W, 382W, or 386W
4. Two electives from other political science courses, one or both of which may be internships.

Political Science Courses that fulfill LASAR and PLAS reqirements:

Social Sciences (LASAR and PLAS):

Pre-Industrial and/or Non-Western Civilization (LASAR):