Minimum requirements for applying to the Masters Program in Behavioral Neuroscience are:

    1) An undergraduate overall GPA greater than 3.00.
    2) At least 15 credits of Undergraduate Psychology, Neuroscience or equivalent courses.
    3) Submitting scores on the General Graduate Record Examinations. Although a minimum score is not stipulated, the score will be taken into consideration relative to the other two criteria especially in terms of underrepresented groups in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Preferences in acceptance decisions for the Masters Program in Behavioral Neuroscience:

    1) The undergraduate coursework includes courses in Behavioral Neuroscience and related fields like Neurobiology.
    2) The undergraduate coursework includes courses in Statistics, Experimental Psychology, relevant laboratory courses, or Research Design.
    3) The student has undergraduate research experience in a Behavioral Neuroscience or Neuroscience-related laboratory.
    4) The student has contacted a faculty laboratory head in the Psychology Department at Queens College who has agreed to supervise their thesis research. Please include this information in your application statement.

Prior to submitting your application:

The Masters Program in Behavioral Neuroscience requires completion of a thesis based on original research in a Queens College Psychology Department laboratory, which is supervised by the laboratory head. Please see the list of potential faculty advisors by visiting their laboratory pages (click on their names or websites). If you know which lab(s) you are interested in, please contact faculty to find out if they are accepting students into their labs and if you would be able to meet with them to talk more about potentially joining their lab. Include this information in your application. We do not require prearranged commitments from faculty research advisors at the time of your application, but we strongly encourage it. Any information you can provide about your research interests and communication with faculty contributes to admissions decisions.

Applications for the Masters Program in Behavioral Neuroscience will be reviewed in the Spring semester of a given year for acceptance in the Fall semester of the same year. Applications are available through the Graduate Admissions Office at Queens College and are also downloadable from the link below. The annual deadline for admissions is April 1.

Click here to apply online for the Behavioral Neuroscience MA degree.

Please address questions or requests for more information to the Behavioral Neuroscience Admissions Committee Chair: Dr. Carolyn Pytte at carolyn.pytte@qc.cuny.edu.