Department Summary

The Department of Psychology is the second largest department on campus. In 2008-09 we served over 1,310 day and evening undergraduate majors, 151 minors, 70 M.A. candidates, and 108 Ph.D. students. In undergraduate courses alone, we have a total registration of approximately 6,800 students during the academic year. In 2000 the department had 21 full time faculty. In 2008-09, we have 27 full time faculty, continuing to offer as broad a range of courses as possible. We maintain an advisement program with junior and senior peer advisors. High achieving students can qualify to do an empirical senior research thesis. The final thesis, when approved by a faculty review committee, qualifies the student for special distinction in experimental research. We graduate approximately xx majors every year. A 2000 survey of graduating seniors revealed that more than half of our graduates were going on for further training.

Faculty Activities

In addition to teaching responsibilities, faculty members maintain a high level of scholarship in the most prestigious journals and have been invited to give presentations at other institutions, both national and international. In addition to contributed articles, many faculty have provided editorial services and have served on grant review panels. Research support has been received from NIH,NSF, US Army, private foundations and pharmaceutical companies. In the 1999-2000 competition, more than half of the faculty successfully competed for PSC-CUNY Research Awards.

Illustrious Graduates

Our undergraduate alumni have attended prestigious graduate programs and have been leaders in psychology as well as other disciplines. Ph.D. students have found successful careers in industry and academia. Recent doctoral students can be found on the faculties of such schools as Yale, Rockefeller University, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, University of New Hampshire, University of Minnesota, SUNY Binghamton, Northeastern University, Holy Cross University, Tufts University and Rush-Presbyterian Medical Center. Others have successful careers in the private sector as well as in private practice.


The department is located in the Razran Building and Science Building. Named for Gregory Razran, former chairman of the department and known for his popularization of respondent conditioning, the Razran Building houses a vivarium, classrooms, animal research laboratories, teaching laboratories and faculty offices. The Science Building contains a vivarium, human research laboratories, faculty, departmental offices, and teaching and research laboratories which contain computer facilities.

Opportunities for Giving

    Computer Hardware and Software for Development: The Psychology Department would like to give its students state-of-the-art training. Unfortunately, our current computer facilities are based on out-of-date technology. Many courses, such as statistics and our laboratory courses, would greatly benefit from updated hardware and software. Gifts of used computer equipment are tax deductible and would be very much appreciated to support over 30 sections of Experimental and Advanced Experimental Psychology.

    Equipment Upgrades: Our audio-visual resources are very limited and need to be upgraded to improve ease of learning.

    Graduate Student Support: Our research activities are an important part of graduate education. Fellowship support for graduate students is an effective tool in attracting the most talented students to our graduate programs.

    Scholarships and Awards: We have many outstanding undergraduates whose achievements we would like to honor at our graduation ceremonies. Unfortunately it is a hardship for some of these families to provide support for continued graduate education. Donated scholarships and awards, given in honor of or in memory of a family member, friend, colleague, or beloved teacher, would help these students further their academic ambitions.

If you would like to help, please contact the Psychology department chairperson or The Queens College Development Office. Checks can be made payable to Queens College Foundation, Psychology Department. For special notations, please use the bottom left hand corner of the check. Donations can be mailed to: Queens College Office of Development, 65-30 Kissena Boulevard, Flushing, NY 11367-1597. Check to see if your company has a gift matching program so you can double or even triple your gift.

Link to Queens College Development Office

We greatly appreciate any contribution that you wish to make.

The Psychology Department would like to thank the following donors for their contributions to the department. Through their vision and leadership, they are helping Queens College fulfill its mission of teaching, community service, and research.

Outstanding Friends
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CBS Foundation
Ruth L. Cohen
Alice Aviles, Ph.D.
Marie Ali
Pfizer Inc.
David Zemelman
Heidi C. Finkelberg
Marian D. Bach
Rosemary Ansbache
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Mrs. Josephine S. Chyatte
Steven T. Baron
Dr. Alice Gail Dvoskin
Mrs. Pamela Beck
Dr. Melvyn Ellner
Johnny C. Berlacu
Carol Ruth Eisenberg
Nancy Blaustein
Geraldine S. Faust
Mrs. Marguerite M. Clark
Dr. Elyse S. Fleming
Mrs. Douglas F. Collins
Dr. David Friedman
Douglas F. Collins
Seena Garovoy
Patricia A. D'Ateno
Hermine Gladstone
Dudley J. Delany
Maureen C. Grix
Barry A. Farber, Ph.D.
Elizabeth F. Grodsky
Michaeline Fedder
L. Richard Hoffman
Billie M. Feinberg
Leonard Horwitz
Judith Fisher
Dr. Maria Kovacs
Violet Franks
Raymond T. Meaney
Dr. and Mrs. David Friedman
Kathryn T. Morris
Joel R. Gecht
Steven M. Nissenfeld
John D. Gitter
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ornstein
Dr. Elizabeth F. Grodsky
Edward S. Penzer
Dennis Gurwitt
Thomas S. Portzline
Susan L. Heidelberger
Louis H.Primavera, Ph.D.
Sarah R. Hirschhorn
Suzane L. Prince
Shirley Hoffman
Marc A. Schaeffer
Bruce T. Hurley
Philip J. Shiffman
Judith Isaacs
Jenny M. Smith
Raymond James
Richard J. Stox
Carol Judith Jarvis
Steven Strachman
Gloria A. Johnson
Peter P Vitaliano
Mordecai Kieffer
Robert L. Wernick, Ph.D.
Karen L. Kietzman
Patricia Wilen, Ph.D.
Mrs. Rhoda A. Klein
Linda Kotch
David M. Krumholtz
Charles J. Lattarulo
Ira F. Lourie
Antoinette Macleod
Florence Marks
Marilyn A. McHugh
Raymond T. Meany
Frank Nicoletta
Robert A. Oberstein
Peter A. Ornstein
Astrid M. Pacheco
Carolyn M. Parise
Marianne Pellegrino
Esther J. Penn, D.D.S.
David B. Pisone
Joan S. Rabin
Barbara Reef
Amy R. Reichstein
Elizabeth M. Reiner
Mary E. Reuder, Ph.D.
Sylvia Robbins
Dalia J. Schapiro
Dr. Marvin Schiller
Ira J. Schloss
Leona Schonberg
Renee Sherry Steiner
Barbara Strongin
Ms. Jennifer L. Tucci
Dorothy A. Thornton
Stacey Tranchina
Walter X. Urban, C.P.A.
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Weiner
Dr. Robert L. Wernick
Barrington M. Wilson
Mireille Zarin, A.C.S.W.
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