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The following information is provided by the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences of Queens College.

If you are interested in entering the Geology-Secondary Education Program, you must consult with the Geology-Education Advisor (Professor Patrick Brock) and file an approved concentration plan with the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Geol 100 – Introduction to Geology (4 cr.)
Geol 201 – Earth Materials I (3 cr.)
Geol 202 – Earth Materials II (3 cr.)
Geol 208 – Surficial Processes and Products (3 cr.)
Geol 213 – Sedimentation and Stratigraphy (3 cr.)
Geol 214 – Earth's Internal Processes (3 cr.)
Geol 216 – Dynamics of the Oceans and Atmospheres (3 cr.)
Geol 239 – Evolution of Ecosystems (3 cr.)
Geol 261 – Geology in the Field (3 cr.)
Geol 270 – Geochemistry of the Global Environment (3 cr.)

Math 141 – Calculus and Analytic Geometry (3 cr.)
Chem 113 – Intro to College Chemistry (5 cr.)
Phys 145 – General Physics (4 cr.)
CSci 012 – Understanding and Using the Personal Computer (3 cr.)
and a course in statistics (3 cr.)

SEYS 201 – Historical, Social & Philosophical Foundations of Education (3 cr.)
SEYS 221 – Development and Learning in Education (3 cr.)
SEYS 340 – Language, Literacy, and Culture in Education (3 cr.)
Fall Semester Only:
SEYS 350 – Cognition, Technology & Instruction for Diverse Learners (3 cr.)
SEYS 362 – Science Methods (3 cr.)
SEYS 372.2 (Co-req: SEYS 350 & 362) — Practicum in Science – MS/JHS (2 cr.)
Spring Semester Only:
SEYS 372.4 – Student Teaching (4 cr.)**
SEYS 382 (Co-req: SEYS 372.4) — Curriculum and Assessment in Science Teaching (3 cr.)

NOTE 1: Students may not have a Geology course with a grade below C- credited towards their Geology-Geoscience major requirements.

NOTE 2: See the Secondary Education and Youth Services Department Advisor for course offerings and requirements.

** The pre-requisite for SEYS 372 is: "A grade of 2.75 in the major and a 3.0 average in SEYS 201, 221, 340, and 350, and completion of all incompletes in the major and in education courses."

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