Science Inquiry (SI) methodology, as described in the National Science Education Standards is a comprehensive method of teaching science which encourages the student to investigate a 'question' into a significant science conceptual area. It requires the students to do research, to work in collaboration with others and to record their procedures, data and their thoughts.

With their teachers and their peers they:
- formulate a question to investigate,
- plan and carry out an investigation,
- analyze their data
- draw conclusions from their findings and data
- consider alternative investigations
- communicate their findings by graphic, textual and verbal means
- defend their conclusions to their peers
- discuss the significance of their findings
- consider alternative explanations and
- plan additional investigations to settle these questions or pursue new pathways

Throughout the process students keep journals of their thoughts, methods and data.

This process mirrors that of modern science research methodology and is recommended by the NYS Department of Education as a powerful method of involving students in the learning of science.