Another Beyond-the-Box Program of
Voices of Old Technology - A Museum in the Making

Perspectives on Our History Through Technology
January 27th - February 28th, 2003
 *** EXTENDED thru March 4th at 5 pm ***
Rosenthal Library Rotunda and 2nd Floor Display Cases
Queens College

Exhibit announcement in February 6, 2003 issue of FYI - Faculty Staff News (Page 4)

New Museum Wants Your Old Junk

Cleaning out your closet/desk/office? Voices of Old Technology A Museum In the Making  would like to see what treasures are buried there and might even carry some away for future exhibits.  Of interest could be almost anything: books, manuals, ads, pictures, syllabi, magazines, bills, as well as gadgets and old office and educational technology.

Some of the treasures already gathered from around the College will be on display at the one-day exhibit Standard Issue at Queens College on February 10 from 11 am-7  pm in the Library Rotunda.  This exhibit is tied to Perspectioves on Our History Through Technology in the Rotunda and second floor display cases through February 28.  Among the old computers on display will be a Kaypro, an Osborn, an Apple II, a Franklin, an IBM PC-XT, and two early Macs most of which were used at the College or at home by faculty and staff.

For further information, contact Syd Lefkoe ( or 5115).

y2k bug stuffed animal
photo by S. Lefkoe

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