Another Beyond-the-Box Program of
Voices of Old Technology - A Museum in the Making

Perspectives on Our History Through Technology
January 27th - February 28th, 2003
 *** EXTENDED thru March 4th at 5 pm ***
Rosenthal Library Rotunda and 2nd Floor Display Cases
Queens College

Exhibit review in the Spring 2003 issue of the QC Library Newsletter PageDown (Page 3)

Perspectives on Our History through Technology:
An Encore Exhibition by Syd Lefkoe and Company

Syd Lefkoe, Associate Director of Financial Aid Services, along with her faithful assistants, Jeff Castellan, Nancy Williams, and Ellen Rondot, curated the exhibit “Perspectives on Our History Through Technology” this semester.  An outgrowth of their Spring 2001 exhibit, “Voices of Old Technology,” which showcased a cornucopia of mechanical artifacts from the past 70 years, this new show expanded on the notion that technology is in constant evolution. A Special Bonus Exhibit, “Standard Issue at Queens College,” exhibited a selection of the now antiquated computers and obsolete hardware that existed on campus, including the luggable Osborne computer, Kaypro computer, IBM PC-XT, ditto machine, and a Graflex Schoolmaster Filmstrip/Slide projector.

Lefkoe says, “As we look at old technology we laugh at its limitations and primitive design. If we look further, we learn about our history and how each technology shapes our view of ourselves and the world.” She hopes these collections of artifacts will grow into a Museum of Technology at Queens College, and encourages donations of outdated machines. “When in doubt, don’t throw it out.” For more information, contact her at 718-997-5115 or

y2k bug stuffed animal
photo by S. Lefkoe

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