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Y2K Bug Stuffed Animal
Y2K Bug
Stuffed Animal

The mission of Voices of Old Technology - A Museum in the Making is to enhance the educational experience at Queens College of the City University of New York (CUNY) through an interdisciplinary approach to the exploration of technology development.

To accomplish this, Voices of Old Technology collects, preserves, documents, displays and interprets selected technologies and related materials.  The collection emphasizes, but is not limited to, office and educational technology. Related items collected from Queens College and other CUNY sources highlight the history of the College and the University as well.

Voices of Old Technology programs have included exhibits, a panel discussion, and The Tech Muse newsletter columns and web sites.  Our first Tech Muse web site debuted in the Summer of Y2K /Summer 2000, and our first exhibit opened in Rosenthal Library in January 2001.  Following the philosophy of "When in Doubt, DON'T Throw it Out,"  our exhibits include discarded "old junk," which we hope encourages further understanding, thought and discussion.

Each exhibit has its own character, and the types of items displayed in each are partly a function of the exhibit space. Some of our recent exhibit catalogs are on the web at http://www.qc.edu/techexh . We have also posted there a list of all our exhibits, along with some of the publicity and reviews.  We will be posting more information and pictures soon.

We are especially grateful to friends

and to many retirees, alums and others for their support, encouragement, and donations of great treasures to the collections.

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Voices of Old Technology - A Museum in the Making

Y2K Bug Stuffed Animal

Curator: Syd Lefkoe
Member, Society for the History of Technology (SHOT)
Member, Oral History Association

Curatorial and Aquisitions Assistance by:
Jeff Castellan, Ellen Rondot, Nancy Williams

Our "Museum in the Making" is not an official museum of the College.
Still in the "startup" stage, it is a  Member, American Association of Museums (AAM)

Photos by Syd Lefkoe unless otherwise attributed

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