OH! Queens College Oral History Pilot Project 

Project Coordinators:  Bette Weidman, Syd Lefkoe, Steve Barto

Oral History Within CUNY

We sent the following to CUNY's Senate-Forum Listserv on November 25, 2003.  Responses and other resources we identify will be posted here.  Please let us know of any additional resources we should include.

Subject:   Other CUNY Oral History Projects?
   Date:   Tue, 25 Nov 2003 19:25:01 -0500
     From:   Syd Lefkoe <sydqc@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>

We have begun an institutional Oral History Project here at Queens.  More information on our project is on the web at http://www.qc.edu/techmuse/oh .

We would like to form a consortium and listing of CUNY Oral History Projects, or join one if one already exists. Have you started a project at your college? Is one of your fields of interest / expertise Oral History? Do you have an oral history component to your courses? Do you know someone else we should contact (include their email address)? Is there already a CUNY consortium of some sort?  These projects and classes needn't be limited to institutional oral history projects.  Please let me know - include details and web site URL if any.

There are 3 of us who are project directors of the QC Oral History Project:
1)Bette Weidman: Associate Professor, English Department; Program Director, American Studies
2) Syd Lefkoe: Associate Director, Financial Aid Services; curator, Voices of Old Technology- A Museum in the Making (see http://www.qc.edu/techexh)
3) Steve Barto: Rosenthal Library / College Archivist

Many thanks for your help.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Syd Lefkoe

RESPONSES and other collected information
 College                                Projects                            Details                                                                 
Queens College - Queens College Oral History Project
Bette Weidman
Steve Barto
Syd Lefkoe

- Secondary Education - David Gerwin
- Library Science - ?

Grad Center - American Social History Project 
       - 911 Digital Archives
- Pat Lawrence

College of Staten Island - Jeffrey Kroessler
Lehman - Janet Butler Munch Subject:         oral history collections
   Date:         Wed, 26 Nov 2003 10:51:16 -0500
   From:         Janet Butler Munch <jbmlc@cunyvm.cuny.edu>
     To:         sydqc@cunyvm.cuny.edu

I received your e-mail about oral history collections within CUNY.  We have a large oral history collection (some 410 interviews) on Bronx neighborhoods.  Our project was originally funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and interviews were gathered from 1982-1991.  The collection is in the Special Collections division of the Lehman College Library.  We also have about eight interviews on Lehman College conducted with Lehman faculty and adminsitrators.

I would be interested in meeting with a group interested in oral histories within CUNY and would appreciate your contacting me in the future.

Janet Butler Munch
Associate Professor &
Special Collections Librarian
Lehman College Library
250 Bedford Park Blvd. West
Bronx, NY 10468-1589


(718) 960-8603

Baruch  - Jackie DiSalvo Subject:         Re: Other CUNY Oral History Projects?
   Date:         Tue, 25 Nov 2003 20:56:07 -0500
   From:        "Di Salvo, Jacqueline" <JDiSalvo@gc.cuny.edu>
     To:         sydqc@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU

[Baruch - undergrad English]

I haven't had any major oral history project, but in my present English
class on "Culture, Literature and Politics of the 1960's" my students interviewed activists, Vietnam veterans , African-Americans who had experienced Jim Crow & the Civil Rights movement and others about their experience of the period. It was a great experience for them.

Jackie DiSalvo
Baruch & the Graduate Center

LaGuardia CC - Richard Lieberman LaGuardia and Steinway Archives
- Philip Napoli
Alumni Project
Vietnam Project

Subject: Brooklyn College Oral History Project
Dec 29, 2003

Your note was just passed to me. I run the Brooklyn college oral history program. Right now we are focusing on doing selected alumni interviews.
I also have received a grant to conduct interviews concerning the
relationship between Brooklyn and the Vietnam War. I would love to hear more about the consortium idea.



Philip Napoli
Assistant Professor
US Social and Public History
521 Whitehead Hall
Brooklyn College
City University of New York
2900 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Brooklyn's <http://userhome.brooklyn.cuny.edu/pnapoli/vietnam/vn_frameset.html>
Vietnam: The Brooklyn College Vietnam Oral History Project


For more information, contact one of the Project Coordinators:

        Bette Weidman - Associate Professor, English Department; Program Director, American Studies;
                                        718-997-4633; Bette_Weidman@qc.edu.
           Syd Lefkoe  - Associate Director, Financial Aid Services; Curator, Voices of Old
                                        Technology - A Museum in the Making; 718-997-5115; syd@qc.edu.
                Steve Barto - Rosenthal Library / QC Archives; 718-997-3650.

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