OH! Queens College Oral History Pilot Project 

Project Coordinators:  Bette Weidman, Syd Lefkoe, Steve Barto

Historical Documents and Images

1) Campus Maps, annotated with zone / zip code and phone numbers of the time

From the 1970-71 Undergraduate Bulletin (zip 11367, main phone number 445-7500)

2) Directions to Campus

3) Campus Pictures

4) Slide Shows

5) Honorary Degrees Awarded by QC

6) Departments, Programs etc.

7) Buildings - What, when, and where


For more information, contact one of the Project Coordinators:

        Bette Weidman - Associate Professor, English Department; Program Director, American Studies;
                                        718-997-4633; Bette_Weidman@qc.edu.
           Syd Lefkoe  - Associate Director, Financial Aid Services; Curator, Voices of Old
                                        Technology - A Museum in the Making; 718-997-5115; syd@qc.edu.
                Steve Barto - Rosenthal Library / QC Archives; 718-997-3650.

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