Music Library Resources

Writing about music and finding music resources (including scores, recordings, books and articles on music, and using music reference materials, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias) can be overwhelming. This links on this page will point you to resources, located both on this website and on the Queens College Music Library website that will help to demystify aspects of the writing and research process that relate to the Music Library.

Writing About Music

Writing about music is challenging. How do you describe melodies, harmonies, and explain form in prose? How do you describe music when writing for those who do not read or know anything about music? These are only a couple of challenges. The resources on this page deal with these issues and more.

Types of Sources

Where can you find music-specific sources to use in your writing? And how do you decide which sources are right for you? This page explores these questions in detail.

Databases and Online Resources

Not all of the Music Library's resources are physically housed in the library. This page discusses the various online resources that the Music Library provides for student use.

Creating a Bibliography

You have researched and written, and now must put together a bibliography. Where do you start? What are the details of constructing a bibliography? How do MLA bibliographies differ from Chicago style? Read this page to learn more about the process of creating a bibliography.

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