Being a woman in the 21st century can be exhilarating, or it can be downright confusing! Women have more opportunities than ever before. Yet the pressures on women in today's society are enormous. Work, family, sexuality, relationships, children, politics .... the choices are broad, but they can sometimes feel overwhelming.

    The Women and Gender Studies Program at Queens College offers students the opportunity to think about these questions in the context of a rigorous academic program of study. Women and Gender Studies is an exciting area of study, examining the role of women and men in society from an interdisciplinary perspective, and focusing on gender in its complex relation to questions of class, race, ethnicity and sexuality.

    In addition to a core group of four basic Women and Gender Studies courses, the program offers a wide range of courses taught by more than 30 faculty members from the humanities and social sciences. In addition, through internships in outside organizations, students gain experience and skills that will help them develop an awareness of their own interests and commitments, and assist them in choosing careers or directions for further study. All courses are open to women and men students.

    A degree in Women and Gender Studies is excellent preparation for graduate work in professional fields such as Law, Social Work, and Journalism, or in academic fields like History, Sociology, or English.

    Students are encouraged to visit or call the Women and Gender Studies Office at:

Core Requirements (12 credits)
Women's Studies 101w: Introduction to Women's Studies
Women's Studies 201w: Theories of Feminism
Women's Studies 310: Research Seminar in Women's Studies
Women's Studies 320: Field Work in Women's Studies

Distribution Requirements (9 credits)

To be discussed with the Director of Women and Gender Studies
At least one course from each of the following categories:
1. Scientific Theories of Gender (designated courses in Anthropology, Health Education, or Psychology)
2. Women and Cultural Traditions (designated courses in Anthropology or English)
3. Women and Society (designated courses in Economics, History, Sociology, Anthropology)

Electives (15 credits)

To be discussed with the Director of Women and Gender Studies
Students may choose from among the courses listed under Distribution Requirements or courses offered in Selected Topics courses when applicable.

Other examples include:

Women's Studies Courses in addition to the core requirements
Women's Studies 210: Selected Topics
The topics studied in this course vary widely.  Recent courses include "Women and Science Fiction,"  "Women and Film,"  "Women, Activism, and Politics,"  " Sexual Politics after World War II,"  "Nationalism and Gender,"  "American Women and Work,"  "Women, Money and the Law" and "History of the Female Body."

Women's Studies 390.3W: Tutorial
Permission of  Director of Women and Gender Studies. Students undertake and complete an individual research project under the supervision of a  member of the Women and Gender Studies faculty.

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