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SEYS 753

Professor Murfin

Assignment #5: Grant Proposal



 Integrating science with New advanced classroom technology

Goals for the project:

The goal of my project is to help integrate more hands on work that may be shared with the whole class. Next year I will be receiving an Epson Bright-LinkPro 1410wi. Currently, I am using a standard projector, screen, and laptop in my class to teach PowerPoint lessons. The Epson Bright-LinkPro is an interactive projector that can project on any flat surface. These interactive projectors can easily be integrated with any Apple product and can also work offline. I would like to use the iPad mini to leave the front of the classroom and be able to allow my students to interact with each other and the power point itself. Also, freeing me from the front of the classroom and the laptop would allow me the freedom for more individualized instruction during class lessons and activities.



Ipad mini (16 GB)                                                                                          $329.00


The new ipad mini will be integrated into everyday lessons and structure. Allowing me to access videos and the internet from anywhere in the room. This will save me time from when I am working with kids at the back of the room. I will have the ability to switch the connection of the ipad mini and the interactive white board (the interactive project can work as an electronic white board without a computer) and simply pull my lesson or instruction on the ipad mini when helping an individual students. This new addition to the classroom will allow me seamless connection to the internet, my notes, and videos that enhance my classroom lessons and instruction.

Benefits for the students:

         Students will be able to show their work to the whole class.

         Students can have an open discussion about the best way to solve a problem or review a question

         Students and Teacher will have easy access to the internet and projector from anywhere around the room

         Labs can be supplemented via the projector and ipad mini with extra videos or techniques

         During labs students will be able to draw diagrams and answer questions with the ipad to help the class and keep everyone safe

         Students will be given the role as teacher using the combination of projector and ipad


If I were to receive the ipad mini, I would take the time to compare my students’ lab scores and test scores from this year with next year’s results. This will allow me to run a statistical analysis to figure out if the integration of this technology will benefit the students and enhance the standard board and notes teaching method.