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As a Science teacher in New York, my hope is that this site becomes a source for you to discover all the wonderful and interesting branches of Science as well as a place to share some of my many interests and talents.

It will be available to students, teachers, parents, or anyone with a thirst for scientific knowledge. My vision is to make this site an organized collection of the multitude of science related websites, educational activities and supplies, articles, discussions, and lesson plans. 

As with any journey, it begins with the first step. This is the initial attempt at the website and  I plan to update it regularly. For it to truly grow into tremendous scientific resource your input is needed and desired. Contact me with ideas, suggestions for links, and submission of materials. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!




Finally, it's here! Right Click on link below and Save Target As... to download the very first episode. You need Windows Media Player to view. Try clicking on Youtube link to view in browser. Enjoy the show!

Greatest Moments in Science History- Episode #1

Days left until summer vacation:

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