Earth Science Websites

Earth Science Visualizations

An online textbook on that has a ton of animations for Earth Science.


Science Niche: Earth Science

Another yet more simple collection of Earth Science sites. Good subject review site.


Frank Potter's Science Gems

This is Mr. Potter's site which contains a load of virtual Earth Science Links.  Every grade level material is included. Great list of sites, there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out his other links on the Science pages!

Rock Cycle

A simple demonstration of the rock cycle. There is an audio clip explaining the process.


NASA: For Kids Only

An educational website put out by NASA. Has a collection of Earth Science activities, videos, and information pertaining to Air, Water, Land, People, and Natural Hazards.

Earth Science Picture of the Day

A new picture is posted every day. You can look at the archive. Some great pictures!