Physical Science Websites

Amusement Park Physics

Learn the physics behind amusement park rides. Build your own rollercoaster, study bumper car collisions, and more.


Frank Potter's Science Gems I

Mr. Potter has compiled a tremendous list of science related websites, over 12,000! Here's the first link of two containing the Physical Science content. Props to him for putting together such a comprehensive collection of internet resources.

Frank Potter's Science Gems II

This is the second site. Contains material on light, optics, magnetism, nuclear structure, and more. Bunch of great virtual physics simulators from around the web. Most are Java apps. Great resource for web activities.

Thinkquest Online Tutorial

Basic Physics online tutorial. Lets you work on problems as you learn each concept. Good way to study for that physics exam!

Science Niche: Physics

Another yet more simple collection of physics sites. Good selection of animations.

A nice collection of Physics demonstrations.

Virtual Density Lab

Students go to the website and complete the virtual lab. Click below to download the worksheet for this activity.

Density Worksheet

Electricity Resources

A good collection of electricity related websites.  

Magnetism Resources

A good collection of magnetism related websites.