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Precautions When Using Blogs in Education

by Brian Murfin

Because it is so convenient and easy to post on blogs, it is also easy to make mistakes.  Unfortunately, when a mistake is made on a blog or web site, the consquences could be very long lasting.  You may not be aware that there is a web site that stores almost all information that has been posted on the web.  Even if material is deleted from a web site or blog, it could still turn up at the Wayback Machine, (an Internet Archive).

Listed below are some guidelines for using blogs in education that will help you to make the most of your blogging experience:
  1. Pick a title and a theme for your blog and stick to it.
  2. Disable comments when you first start blogging.  Make sure that you fully understand how to administer your blog, e.g. to make it private versus public, to moderate comments, etc.
  3. Check your blog daily for inappropriate comments and unauthorized changes.  
  4. Never copy and paste content from another source.  Always cite the sources of your information.  Do not plagiarize.
  5. Do not slander others or use vulgar, inappropriate language, or swear words on your blog.
  6. Be professional.  Do not put any images, text, links, or sounds that are inappropriate.  
  7. Do not put any personal identifying information on your web site.  This could possibly be used for identity theft.  
  8. If in doubt, leave it out of your blog.  Remember, your blog is public and searchable.  
  9. Do not post real names of students, teachers or schools on your blog.
  10. Do not post images of teachers or students on your blog.