Online class - Teaching and Learning Science Using Technology


  1. Before class:  Please read the following:
  2. We will holding our online class in a collaborative virtual learning environment called ScienceMOO.  You can attend class from anywhere as long as you have a computer, web browser and Internet connection.  
  3. Visit and make sure you can login to ScienceMOO and that you can communicate, move to our classroom and sit at tables.  
  4. Login procedure:  You should have received a username and password for ScienceMOO via email.  If you did not receive this, let me know.  Note:  your username and password are case-sensitive.  If you have problems and cannot login with your username and password, you can always login as a guest and no password is required.  If you still cannot login, try using a different web browser.  You should also make sure that you have java.  
  5. After login:  Click on the purple button at the top of the screen labeled "Guide".  This is an overview of how to use a MOO.  If you need more information, you can always click on the "Help" button.  
  6. Move to the classroom:  Click on the link "Classroom 2 - SEYS 767.3 (Fall 2007)" .  You are now in our virtual classroom.  Feel free to explore by clicking on links.  If you need to go back and don't see a link, you can press your right mouse button, and then click "back"
  7. Check the seating chart and find your table.  To sit at your table, make sure the "normal" radio button at the bottom of the screen is selected, and then type sit table1 or sit table2, etc.  Note that there is no space between the word table and the number.  When you are seated at a table, you can only communicate with the others at your table.  This allows you to work in your small group without being distracted by all the other conversations going on in the room.  You can always see where everyone is by clicking on the "Who" button.  If you want to speak to the whole class, you can use the standup command.  
  8. Tonight's technology tasks:
    • Read through the "National Report on Online Learning"
      • What types of online learning taking place in your school?
      • How might online learning benefit the students in your school?